Guaranteed Commitment

Our commitment to you: our customer.

Guaranteed Commitment

GMI Asphalt understands the financial commitment a homeowner or business faces when hiring a contractor to finish a project safely and with no unforeseen financial costs as well as the workmanship and 1 year warranty of the finished project. GMI takes its guaranteed commitment a couple steps further and would like to explain why.

Materials Lien Waiver
When a project is complete all materials must be paid in full. If an unstable contractor is hired and does not pay the material bill you the owner could be held responsible. This would leave you the owner with a lien on your property and unnecessary attorney fees. All GMI contracts include a materials payment guarantee.

Guarantee of Worker’s Compensation
All workers on any project must be covered under a workers compensation policy. If an unstable contractor is hired and does not carry the proper workers compensation on any full or part time workers, the property owner could be held responsible if an accident should occur. GMI guarantees that all its employees full and or part time are fully covered and are OSHA certified.

Since 1977 GMI Asphalt has and will continue to stand behind all obligations that our customers expect. As owner of GMI Asphalt, I would like to thank you for considering GMI on your next project.

Thank you,

Warren Colby
Owner/General Manager
GMI Asphalt

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